3 Ways to Make Your Move Easier for You


Moving can be very stressful, but it doesn't have to be. If you plan right and hire the right assistance, your move can be simple and smooth. To start with, you need to go through your house two months before your move, hire movers to pack up your home, and hire a cleaning team to clean your home after the movers are done. #1 Go Through Your Things Give yourself at least a month to go through your things.

23 December 2017

Boxing Day: How This British Holiday Tradition Closely Resembles Moving Day


If you have ever looked at important dates on a paper calendar, you would probably have noticed that the day after Christmas is always labled, "Boxing Day." Strange though it seems, it is a real holiday celebrated by many people around the world. No, it is not a day where boxers jump into the ring to pummel each other. It is the day where many Brits and former British colonists throw another party and put away all of the decorations until next year.

20 December 2017