Some Questions To Ask Movers Before Hiring Them


Moving can be incredibly stressful. There are many people who are gearing up for a move and wonder if it will be worth hiring movers to help them. There are so many great things about movers, they can help pack, transport your items, and even help you unpack and remove the trash when you get to your new home. But before you hire movers it is important to know about the cost. Here are some questions that you should ask before hiring any movers.

Is The Estimate I Was Given Final?

When you hire movers, you need to have them come and walk through your home and take inventory on everything you have. If someone tries to give you an estimate over the phone, they are not the right company for you, mainly because there is no way to really know how much you will need moved without seeing it. Thus, have an in house estimate given. Once the number is presented to you, you need to make sure that this number is set in stone. Too many times people get an estimate and then they get a bill after the move is over for so much more than they were anticipating and sometimes even more than they can afford. You need to know what you are going to spend on the move, so you need it in writing that this will be the final cost.

Are There Any Extra Fees?

Many times the cost is more than you expected because of extra fees that you weren't aware of. This is why you need to ask the moving company about all of the extra fees included in the move. Some of the more common fees would be if you have extra heavy items, like a piano or large pieces of furniture. Another reason they might charge you more is if you are moving to or from an apartment will they will have to do an elevator. You might also pay more if they cannot park close to the house and have to walk a long distance. This is more common for city moving. By knowing the extra fees you will know what to expect.

Is There Insurance?

Lastly, make sure you have insurance on all of your items. If the moving company doesn't offer insurance, then you need to get your own through your renters or homeowners insurance. This will protect you if there is some sort of problem or accident.

By asking these questions you can be confident about the price of your move. Contact a company, like Caccamise Moving & Storage Co, for more help.


6 January 2018

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