3 Ways to Make Your Move Easier for You


Moving can be very stressful, but it doesn't have to be. If you plan right and hire the right assistance, your move can be simple and smooth. To start with, you need to go through your house two months before your move, hire movers to pack up your home, and hire a cleaning team to clean your home after the movers are done.

#1 Go Through Your Things

Give yourself at least a month to go through your things. Set up a schedule so that you work through part of each room every day. If you like to just get things done all at once, though, set aside a weekend to go through your home. As you go through your home, get rid of things that you have not used in a long time, items that you are not going to need in your new home, or things you just don't want to transfer to your new home.

For example, if you have a private office in your current place but will not have room for a home office in your next space, get rid of that furniture now. Getting rid of what you don't need or want will reduce how many things you take with you. It will also make your new home feel more fresh and free of the junk that has been holding you down.

Schedule a local charity to come to your house to pick up the items that you want to donate. That will help you save even more time and take away the stress of packing up and delivering everything you want to get rid of to the proper charities.

#2 Hire Movers to Pack Your Items

Next, don't stress about packing. Instead, hire a team of movers, like Modern Movers, Inc., to pack up your house for you. This can be the same team who actually moves your items for your old house to your new house. When you hire a team of movers, you don't have to worry about packing in advance. You can have the movers come and pack everything up and move it in the same day, or you can have the movers pack things up a few days in advance of your actual moving date.

If you hire movers, your moving responsibilities will be greatly reduced. You will have to transport your pets, live plants, and perishable food. If you have a pet, board it for the duration of your move so it is somewhere safe while the move is happening. Get some friends to help you move your plants, and if you have access to your new home, move your perishables into the new fridge before moving truck day.

#3 Hire a Cleaning Crew

Cleaning up your place so it is nice enough to get your deposit back if you rent, or so that it is nice enough for the new owners if you are selling a home, just adds to the overall stress of moving. Cut this stress out of your life by hiring a team of movers to deep clean your house. This will save you from stressing about getting the cleaning done. Just make sure that you have a day or two of flex time after the move so that the cleaning crew will have enough time to deep clean your home. Be sure to let the cleaning crew know that you want everything cleaned, from the window sills to under the fridge.

If the outside of your home needs a little assistance, hire a landscaping team to come in and clean up your yard. They can give the yard one last mow, pull up the weeds, and clean off your patio and driveway.

Take the stress out of moving by going through your things two months in advance, hiring a packing and moving crew, and hiring a cleaning crew to get your place in good shape before you turn in your keys. You don't have to do it all when you move; reduce your responsibilities for a low-stress move. 


23 December 2017

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