When To Store and When To Sell


When you're going through a move you often wonder how to know which of your big ticket items to store and which to sell. Even the smaller possessions can trip you up if you don't know whether to hang onto them or buy something in your new location to replace it. If you're looking at one of your favorite items and want to figure out whether or not to sell, ask yourself one of these questions.

Does it Have Sentimental Value?

Many times in life we get rid of something only to realize that we should have saved it for the kids or given it to a friend. Maybe keep sentimental items with a friend for a few months before you store them. And make sure you know where what you're storing is going so you don't end up with more clutter.

Are You Downsizing?

If the kids have just moved out or you just need to cut back, you might be downsizing. It can be hard to adapt to this new mindset of thinking smaller, so decide if your downsizing is temporary or permanent. Storing is a great idea if you are on the fence about getting rid of a lot of your possessions; you can see if the lifestyle is for you before you are left with minimal possessions and have to rebuild.

New Lifestyle or a Fad?

You might be trying to minimize the clutter in your life, but if you sell your juicer, are you just going to want a new one next week? If you're trying out a new lifestyle or changing things up, make sure you're dedicated to the long-term before you start selling your possessions.

It can help when you choose your moving services first, and get a good quote of how much your move will cost by the hour and how many hours it's likely to take. You can then evaluate whether your items are worth the hefty hourly price tag of hiring movers. Also take into account how much time you have before the move to devote to packing, whether you have more or less space at your new place, and how much longer your items are bound to last. A moving services company can also give you advice as to what types of items they recommend keeping and selling. With these factors in mind, you will be better equipped to make decisions about whether to keep or sell your items.


29 December 2017

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