How To Protect Your Grand Piano During A Move


Your piano is the most delicate thing you'll have to handle when relocating. One wrong move and your piano gets damaged. As such, you ought to be careful when moving your piano. But how can you protect your piano when moving houses? Well, just follow these tips, and you won't regret it.

Lock the Lid

The keyboard is the most vital part of your piano. Therefore, you must protect the keyboard at all costs if you want the piano to remain functional. Luckily, pianos have a lid that covers the keyboard. You just need to lock the lid, and you'll be good to go. Unfortunately, some people move or transport the piano without closing the lid. This exposes the keyboard to knocks and debris.

Wrap the Piano

Due to the piano's delicate nature, you should protect it from knocks and scratches. You can do so by wrapping the piano with a soft blanket and bubble wraps. At least the blanket will protect the delicate piano's finish. And in case of any minor knocks, the impact won't dent or affect the piano.

Secure the Piano Tightly

Most pianos will have casters to help you move them around with ease. Unfortunately, these casters may put your piano at risk while in transit. You don't want your piano rocking back and forth in the truck. Therefore, you'll need to secure and fasten the piano tightly to reduce any movements. At least the piano will be steady and won't hit the sides of the moving truck.

Create a Plan

Moving a piano requires a perfect plan. Don't assume that the move will go as planned. You are advised to plan how to move the grand piano through the hallways and doors. As such, you'll need to take the measurements of all the paths through which the piano will pass. Ensure the paths, hallways and doorways are large enough for the piano to pass smoothly. Remember that this exercise must be done in the current and new houses.

Hire Professional Piano Movers

If you feel that transporting a piano is a difficult task for you, consider hiring piano movers. Their services are always great, and you shouldn't regret paying the small fee. Besides, these movers will provide all the protective materials, dollies, and straps. You just need to sit back and watch them carry, load, and secure your piano in the moving truck. At least you'll be at ease knowing that your piano is in safe hands.

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4 October 2022

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