Five Benefits Of RV Storage


As an RV owner, you likely only use your recreational vehicle a few months out of the year. Storage can be a concern, but there are many benefits to storing your RV off-site at a dedicated storage facility.

1. Security

It isn't uncommon for thieves to break into RVs. They may steal items you keep in the RV, rip out appliances and other items to sell, or they may steal the entire RV. RV storage facilities are typically very secure, with many featuring controlled entry, difficult-to-climb fencing, and 24-hour security monitoring.

2. Space

Parking an RV at your home takes up a lot of space. The RV will take up part of the driveway unless you opt to park it in a side or back yard, and then it will take up part of your yard. You can put in a larger garage to house the RV, but this can be expensive, and it will still eat up space from the yard or from your car parking area. Putting your RV into a storage facility frees up space, so you aren't stuck parking on the street because the RV is hogging your driveway.

3. Protection

The roof of your RV can easily become damaged if it is exposed to year-round weathering. UV light, blowing debris, and heavy rains weaken the roof. These issues can also reduce the life of the tires and siding material, and sun fading can affect the interior of the RV as well. Renting a covered storage space will protect your motor home from UV rays and from the weather in general. This weather protection lowers your maintenance needs and prolongs the service life of your RV.

4. Curb Appeal

An RV parked in your driveway or in the yard detracts from your home's appearance. Its presence can be upsetting to neighbors worried about how it looks and affects their property value, and some home owner's associations do not allow RV's to parked onsite or in a visible location. Putting the RV into storage improves your home's curb appeal, and it keeps the neighbors happy.

5. Amenities

Some RV storage facilities offer more than just storage for your RV. If the facility caters to RV and boat owners, for example, they may have a large wash bay available for you to clean your RV exterior after each use. Some may even offer waste dropoff facilities and propane refills. These types of amenities make it much easier to prep your RV for storage or get it ready to hit the road on your next adventure.

For more information about RV storage, contact a local facility, and ask about their services.


22 December 2020

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