4 Items You Must Have To Make A Move Easier


Getting ready for a move requires a lot more than boxes and bubble wrap. You must have the correct tools for the job, or else it will make things incredibly difficult for you. Here are some items that everyone must have for their moving day.

1. Furniture Dolly

If you are moving sofas, appliances, and other heavy items, you must have a furniture dolly on your moving day. They are equipped to handle these large items, with straps that will ratchet tightly around the item to ensure that it is not going anywhere when the heavy item is off the ground. There are also strategically placed wheels to help to bring items down the stairs. Some furniture dollies even transform into carts that you can use to push heavy items.

2. Furniture Lifter

A furniture lifter is not an alternative to a dolly, even though It looks almost like a mini dolly. The tool helps you lift up heavy objects that are flush with the floor. The idea is that it can lift a heavy object just enough off the ground to get your hands under it, and from there you are able to lift the item out of your home.

3. Forearm Straps

You do not have to lift those heavy objects by putting all the stress on your back. Be sure to have a pair of forearm straps that can help you lift heavy items more easily. It works by wrapping a strap around the bottom of the object, but instead of lifting with your hands, you put all the weight on the strap that is wrapped around your forearm. You'll find it much easier to lift a tall or wide object with it since you do not have to bend down to grip the bottom.

4. Plastic Wrap and Moving Blankets

It will help to get a big role of plastic wrap to cover items as you move them out of your home. The idea is to wrap the parts that are most likely to get banged up, which are the corners. You can wrap them a few times with plastic, so they have more cushion during a sudden impact.

Moving blankets will do the same thing, but they are reusable. The main disadvantage with moving blankets is that it is hard to cover a heavy object with them and have the blankets stay in place. It can also be hard to grip an item where a blanket is protecting it. For more information, contact a company like Cusick Moving & Storage.


29 April 2018

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